PrinterBoy is a hypothetical product that playfully bridges the gap between the most fun aspects of the digital and print worlds.

It takes the form of a small internet-connected thermal receipt printer that spits out a curated feed of paper-centric toys, games, and lists every single day.

A companion app lets you treat PrinterBoy like an instant printer, allowing you to send customized selfies and images to your friends around the globe. PrinterBoy is designed to be a system that can grow and adapt to a community of developers and makers.

PrinterBoy app homescreen 3D mockup of PrinterBoy

PrinterBoy product demonstration

PrinterBoy was heavily inspired by the late Berg’s project Little Printer. PrinterBoy improves on the original concept of Little Printer by focusing on the tangibility of paper and how that contributes to the technology’s unique value proposition.

PrinterBoy’s branding also makes references to the GameBoy Camera, an accessory for the original Nintendo GameBoy that allows users to take photos and print them out on thermal receipt paper.

PrinterBoy CHIP modules The PrinterBoy logo adapts to different scales


  • Arduino

  • Sketch

  • After Effects

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