Under Construction

Under Construction is a brutalist website builder for the masses.

Today’s websites are too boring, too unoriginal, and too perfectly user-friendly. There is (was?) a growing movement of creatives that showcase their work with websites that are the exact opposite: wild and original user-UNfriendly experiences, using harsh typography and colours, often called brutalist websites.

Through heuristic research, I quickly found that most brutalist websites were far more complicated than their “simple” design would have you believe. Many used custom javascript and unconventional css styling techniques that would be far beyond what an average beginner developer could do in a reasonable timeframe. However, many of the websites were for things that creatives may want to create, like art or music portfolios, event pages, and product demonstrations.

Under Construction splash screen

Under Construction product demonstration

I set out to remedy this problem with a website builder. It’s almost in the same vein as squarespace, but it’s meant to create entirely random brutalist websites, rather than start from templates. The final product is a two step interface. First, edit your content using a medium style WYSIWYG interface, and randomly generate the design on the next page. The finished website can then be downloaded as an archive and uploaded to a service like NeoCities for free.

Under Construction’s branding is heavily inspired by early 90s web design. This project is dedicated to all of the people who put a construction worker GIF on their website proudly announcing that their website was “under construction.”

Goofy GIFs


  • jQuery

  • Sketch

  • Illustrator

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